April 16, 2014

  • Skating Articles on Wednesday, April 16, 2014

    Agreement reached to bring high-profile entertainment, pro hockey to World Arena – Source, The Gazette

    The Busy Life Of Charlie White – by Brandon Penny, TeamUSA.org

    Interview With Justus Strid – by Ryan Stevens, Skateguard1.blogspot.com

    Farewell to the Queen (written by 威猛, a Sina journalist; written in the immediate aftermath of the ladies competition at Sochi – Source, All That Yuna Facebook

    Skaters, coaches reflect on Marathon bombing: Traumatic events of April 15, 2013, still haunt local skating community – by Sarah S. Brannen, IceNetwork News

    Johnny Weir responds to husband’s demand for public apology with sexually explicit 5-page ‘post-nup’ – Source, Daily Mail

    Figure skater ‘flying’ up the ranks – by Gary Ahuja, Langley Times

    Three medals for Super Cloverdale figure skaters – Source, Cloverdale Reporter

    Volunteering for more than 60 years – by Rikkeal Bohmann, Leader-Post

    2014 USFS Intercollegiate Team Championships, April 11-13: Individual Results – Source, U.S. Figure Skating

    2014 USFS Intercollegiate Team Championships, April 11-13: Team Results – Source, U.S. Figure Skating

April 15, 2014

  • Skating Articles on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Petition seeking resignation of Cinquanta reaches Korean TV with news of online efforts – Source, Arirang.co.kr

    The International Skating Union Shoots Itself In The Ice… – Source, JCurtisblog.wordpress.com

    DWTS: Charlie White and Meryl Davis Say They’re “In It Together” – by Liz Raftery, TV Guide

    Nikolai Morozov is called out by the separation between Ilinykh / Katsalapov (use google translator) – Source, Neveitalia.it

    Nikolai Morozov will not train Russian dance pair: figure skating coach left without domestic duo in ice dancing (use google translator) – Source, Izvestia.ru

    The Inside Edge: Kwan on hand for ‘Stars on Ice’: Skating’s best impress Providence crowd with unique performances – by Sarah S. Brannen and Drew Meekins, IceNetwork News

    ‘Le chat Chafik’ steps out of countrymen’s shadows: With Joubert out of picture, Besseghier looks forward to taking on Amodio – by Jean-Christophe Berlot, IceNetwork News

    Sarah Campbell keeps her balance on and off the ice – by Eric Van Dril, High School Cube News

    Amy Grant Headlines Family Themed Show with Top Figure Skaters and Their Children at Penn State’s Pegula Ice Arena – Source, Disson Skating Blog

    Is your name Tenley too? Stories from Tenleys all over – Source, MyNameIsTenley.com

April 14, 2014

April 13, 2014

  • Skating Articles on Sunday, April 13, 2014

    Interview With Linda (Carbonetto) Villella – by Ryan Stevens, Skateguard1.blogspot.ca

    Marina Zoueva interview: “Can Meryl Davis bite through the throat? Well, she is Scheherazade” – Source, A translation post by ‘quigie’ @ FSU

    Mao Asada exhibition draws record crowd in Tokyo – by Louis Templado, The Asahi SHimbun

    Catching Up: Brooklee Han at Worlds 2014 – Source, Ice Skating Victoria

    U.S. Adult Championships concluded Saturday: Final Results – Source, IceNetwork.com

    U.S. Adult Championships concluded Saturday: Rohner’s final U.S. Adult Champs blog entry – Source, IceNetwork News

    Big Sky State Games figure skating – Source, Billings Gazette

    Taylor Swift’s New BFF? Olympian Gracie Gold! [PHOTOS] – Source, Lite987.com

    U.S. Stars on Ice & 2014 Worlds recap on NBC, Sunday, April 13 (3 pm EDT / Noon PDT) – Source, Info post from ‘Sylvia’ @ FSU

    Stars on Ice telecast features reunion of U.S. Olympic Bronze Medal Figure Skating Team – Source, StarsonIce.com

    Meryl Davis, Charlie White and other Olympians take to the ice in Hershey (Photos) – Source, Photos.PennLive.com

April 12, 2014

  • The Silence is Deafening!

    A day short of two weeks after the 2014 ISU World Figure Skating Championships wrap-up the skating world is in the midst of a fan revolt.

    ISU President Ottavio Cinquanta first ignores a petition (with 2 million signatories) seeking an investigation into the dubious judging during the Ladies Olympic skating competition. This competition featured both the unethical selection of the former Russian Skating Federation President’s wife as a member of the judging panel as well as two formerly sanctioned Judges for their past cheating.

    Cinquanta simply writes off the extraordinary petition saying the judging was proper and there was no problem with the panel, or with how they were selected. He simply does not comment on the appearance of impropriety and tainting of the judging panel.

    Within a week, Cinquanta offers up a set of bizarre proposals to radically change the sport. The worst of these is to eliminate all short programs across all disciplines. The skating world explodes in anger and a war is ignited; a war in the form of two more petitions within this past week.

    The first of these petitions addresses Mr. Cinquanta’s ill-conceived proposals with the Short Program being the featured point of fans anger. Fans are signing it and forwarding their copy of the petition to their individual National Governing Body leaders and reps to the ISU.

    Just last night three former skaters, Tim Wood, world champion and Olympic silver medalist; Bill Fauver, five-time U.S. pairs silver medalist; and Tim Gerber, ice skating technical specialist along with Monica Friedlander, founder of Facebook’s Save the Short Program published the third petition directed straight at the ISU President demanding his immediate resignation.

    These actions have lit up social media sites across its many platforms and it has without a doubt been registering throughout the international skating community. So what is the reaction from these national governing bodies? Well if the deafening silence is any indication it’s likely a “Let’s just ignore the clamor and it will go away” attitude is the reaction. After all, this is the exact same attitude that skating fans and the general public has witnessed time and time again during and after past horrific decisions made under the inept and corrupt leadership of the speed skater Cinquanta.

    The silence is the continuing indicator that those that lead the national governing bodies and their reps to the ISU Congress are all playing the same game. The Game is Power and Influence and Perks within International Skating Governance and within their national skating entities as well. How far down the chain does this pattern of leadership extend? Is the whole game rigged? Are there enough honest folk within figure skating at all levels to break this cycle of power for powers sake?  That is the question that really needs answering.

    Since my country’s skating body is U.S. Figure Skating and all its extended club membership I would suggest that at the upcoming Governing Council next month we may well learn our answer. Will we see ANY discussion, ANY proposal, ANY vote demanding the U.S. Figure Skating newly elected President and our voting representative take a mandate with them to the next ISU Congress in June that first votes down the Cinquanta proposals; demands his immediate resignation and then offers up and gets support for the END to Secret Judging.   This is the bar that must be met and demonstrated to American Skating Fans. Anything less is unacceptable.

    I urge all American Skating Fans to write to their local club leadership and let them know the current condition of skating is unacceptable. Please feel to use all of the above through the above paragraph as your letter or write your own to your local club Presidents, and their voting representatives to the May USFS Governing Council.

    Peter Murray

    Editor, Blazing Blades @  http://www.blazingblades.com

    (I would greatly appreciate if you find the time to send an email to your club officials, that you send me a cc: or bcc: copy  to peter_murray@comcast.net so I can gauge the extent of pressure we can bring on American Skating Officialdom. Thanks!)

  • Skating Articles on Saturday, April 12, 2014

    Former Skating Champions Petition Calls for Ottavio Cinquanta to Resign as ISU President – Source, Change.org

    The Letters: Skating Community Calls For An End To Cinquanta’s Reign – by Ryan Stevens, Skateguard1.blogspot.ca

    Catching up with Paul Wylie – by Nick Zaccardi, NBC OlympicTalk

    Scott Hamilton to lead figure skating school – by Chip Cirillo, The Tennessean

    Amy Grant to Headline Family Skating Tribute at Pegula Ice Arena – Source, PSU Sports

    Adrian College to host figure skating national championships: U.S. Figure Skating Intercollegiate Team Championships – Source, Lenconnect.com

    Age (Like 6.0) Is Just A Number: Ageism And Skating – by Ryan Stevens, Skateguard1.blogspot.com

    ‘Dancing With the Stars’: Maks Chmerkovskiy Tells Julianne Hough He’s Ready for Her Apology – Source, GMA Video

    Qualified | Charlie White and Meryl Davis Gold Medal Recap | Episode 5 – Source, TeamUSA.org

    Dancing With the Stars’ Meryl Davis and Charlie White Do Double Time Touring With Stars On Ice (PHOTOS) – Source, CelebrityLaundry.com

    Meryl Davis, Charlie White busier than ever in wake of Olympic gold medal – by Barry Wilner, DailyJournal.net

April 11, 2014

  • ShibSibs 2014 World Championships Vlog – Tokyo, Japan

    Hi all!

    We’re currently waiting to find out if we are allowed to upload some of our Olympics footage, but in the meantime, here are some moments from the 2014 World Championships. 

    Right now, we’re on tour with Stars on Ice Japan so we’ll hopefully have some videos to share from our experience on the road as well!

    Maia and Alex

  • Skating Articles on Friday, April 11, 2014

    New partnerships bring mixed results on ‘DWTS’: Rumba proves challenging for White; Davis excels at Argentine tango – by Lois Elfman, IceNetwork News

    DWTS’ ‘golden’ couple trains in Hershey – by Ali Lanyon, ABC27.com

    Stars on Ice: Jason Brown talks about Sochi Olympics, Team USA – By Erin McCracken, YDR.com

    Skate for Hope set for May 3 – Source, Skating Magazine Blog

    Kim Yu-na featured in French dictionary under ‘skating’ – by Steven Choi, Arirang Prime Time Sports

    Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi Talks About Living Healthy Life (video report) – by Laura Kirtley, Tri State Home Page

    Battle of the Blades cut and sports programming out as CBC cuts @600 jobs – Source, CBC.ca

    North-East Winter Olympian announces his retirement – Source, The Northern Echo.co.uk

    Third-graders learn figure skating – Source, Pine and Lakes Echo Journal

    Cousins selected to perform in Skate Dance Dream show – Source, Salem News

April 10, 2014

  • Skating Articles on Thursday, April 10, 2014

    U.S. figure skaters mixed on adding lyrics for next season – by Nick Zaccardi, NBC OlympicTalk

    Dancing With the Stars 2014: Sharna and Peta on “Unfair” Judging of Charlie White Rumba – Source, SharnaBurgess.wordpress.com

    Simonenko’s interview with Vasiliev about Bazarova/Deputat for rsport.ru – Source, Translation post from ‘TAHbKA’ @ FSU

    Davis & White on ‘DWTS’: Week 4 – Source, Ice Network Photo Galleries

    The new Peak Performance Skating App from Brian Orser – Source, Peak Performance Skating

    Michelle Kwan honored by Harlem Skating – Source, WSJ.com

    Mass appeal: Rohner’s U.S. Adult Champs blog: Attendees in Hyannis celebrate 20th staging of ‘enchanting’ event – by Lexi Rohner, IceNetwork News

    Kim Yuna, queen of figure skating, sings ‘Let it Go’ from ‘Frozen’ – Story and Videos – Source, Inside Korea

    Cal figure skating team to go to nationals – by Tiffany Gong, The Daily Californian

    Mile Zero Figure Skaters cap season with Carnival – Source, CJDC Country.com

April 9, 2014