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It's Summer and officially skating's off-season; but really to the skaters there is never an off-season. It is a year round venture. It is a never-ending process for them. Summer means maybe a brief rest but for the most part it is a time for creation, motivation, inspiration. New short programs, free skates and for many, new exhibition programs to bring to life.

The process of selecting music for each program; working with choreographers, their coaches, officials to bring these new programs to life is the never-ending process. Traveling can be time consuming but a vital part of the creation process. Meeting with choreographers, attending training camps to present programs for officials review and evaluation with it's corresponding feedback to skater and coach... it's the meat of the process to prepare for the new skating season.

For the coaches and Choreographers learning the new rules, rule changes and how it will impact the creative process is as important as the creative process itself. Under the IJS its POINTS, POINTS, POINTS baby. Squeezing every possible point out of the Judges is the name of the skating game.

We can see, there really is no Off-Season. This is why, apart from the skating, the competing, the preparation, taking on the whole scope of the figure skating life demands the utmost respect from those of us who follow our favorites each season. Developing into a premiere athlete, master story teller and consummate performer is every skater's goal. Achieving it requires the entire process. There is no other sport (other then Gymnastics) that requires this total commitment from each skater, and those who support them. I have no greater respect for, and love of what the figure skater lives and breathes.

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